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Sarah & David's Wedding at Canongate Kirk and Prestonfield House in Edinburgh

A cold, crisp but sunny December day at the bottom of Pentland Hills. That’s where it all started - Swanston Farm Cottages, beautiful surroundings and I had no idea it even existed. After preparations we head down to very beautiful Kirk of the Canongate in Edinburgh's Old Town where the marriage ceremony took place. Once it was over myself, Sarah and David quickly drove down (I even managed to take some photos) to the spectacular Prestonfield House which the happy couple chose to hold their evening reception. Being ahead couple of minutes before the guest's arrival we managed to take some beautiful shots. Massive thanks to Sarah and David for holding tight in freezing conditions. On the other hand, I think we had the most amazing sun I have ever seen on wedding in December. It made me excited like my 4-year-old son when he gets a coca cola chupa chups after a week of abstinence from sugar :) The rest is history! It was a pure please to share this fantastic day with such a lovely and loving couple. Thanks again for choosing Karol Makula Photography to capture memories for you.

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