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Nicola and Ryan's wedding at St Barbara's Muirhead & Mar Hall Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland.

Everything has its past, it’s history. Especially in Scotland, when you look at different venues you may ask yourself a question: what’s the story behind these walls?

Nicola and Ryan's chose St Barbara's Muirhead & Mar Hall Hotel to be their wedding venue and I am not going to lie- it’s absolutely brilliant! The house has had a truly remarkable history! From importing oak specifically from Canada to suit gothic style seen during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First to falling into disrepair during the 20th century... And it was only in 2004 following a £15 million restoration that it was restored to its former glory! Today the venue provides a lot of light due to open space & french windows overlooking breathtaking views over the River Clyde and Old Kilpatrick hills. Safe to say we had pretty awesome shooting conditions! Also one of my favourite features of this wedding was Beauford- it made the perfect prop for photos of beautiful Nicola 👰‍♀️📸. Enjoy 📸

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